Zoë Meager

Zoë Meager


"Only an animal or a child will run after something that has just mown it down." — from Things with faces





Zoë Meager lives in her hometown of Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Her short stories and flash fiction have been commended at home and abroad, including winning the Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize, Pacific Region, 2013. 

Her work has appeared in Bonsai: Best small stories from Aotearoa New Zealand, Blue Fifth Review, Flash Frontier, Headland, Hue and Cry, Landfall, North & South, Overland, Turbine | Kapohau, Word-o-Mat, and in two Bath Flash Fiction anthologies, among others.

She is fiction editor at takahe, and a fiction reader for Overland.  

"The tea party was necessary, they explained. Without it, the chimpanzees would riot." — from Rewilding






Yolk folk appears in Turbine | Kapohau.


Concrete dream is published in Sponge, an online journal for science fiction and speculative fiction.


Hoot harbinger is included in Issue 6 (‘Wild’) of Severine Lit.


Sharp stars and How to select for animal testing appear on Christchurch city buses, via The Commuting Book.


A mother's touch and Sharp stars are included in Bonsai: Best small stories from Aotearoa New Zealand.

MAY 2018

Plaster cast is published in Landfall 235. 

"The army had continued North and left Hiromitsu shouting at the locals, his mouth an angry train in the cold." — from Permafrost



A mother's touch – North & South and Bonsai: Best small stories from Aotearoa New Zealand

Concrete dream – Sponge

Engulfment – National Flash Fiction Day NZ

First fish – Overland

Four stubbies – Penduline Press

Heartworm – Penduline Press

Hoot harbinger – Severine Lit

How it ends – Headland

How to see a taniwha – Flash, I love you!

How to select for animal testing – The New Guard Volume IV and The Commuting Book

Let us choose to adventure (part 5.1) – Lockjaw Magazine 

Lipstick on rye – The Lobsters Run Free: Bath Flash Fiction Volume 2

My, she was yar – Ellipsis Zine: One

No one looks sideways at a servant – HISSAC

Permafrost – Numéro Cinq

Plaster cast – Landfall

Rewilding – Flash Frontier

Say ahhh – The First Line

Sharp stars – To Carry Her Home: Bath Flash Fiction Volume One and The Commuting Book and Bonsai: Best small stories from Aotearoa New Zealand

Starting again – Litro

The find – Word-o-Mat Edition 2

The lunchbox – North & South

The replacement – The Casket of Fictional Delights

The scar – Headland 

The tether – The Island Review

Things with faces –  Granta

This is how it works – Flash Frontier 

Treaty 1941 – Blue Fifth Review

Yolk folk – Turbine | Kapohau

Your problem – Hue and Cry, Issue 7, ‘Deep’




"This one time I seen a taniwha. And I reckon he seen me too, without even looking." — from How to see a taniwha


the others


Abstract Composition I – In Collusion
Abstract Composition II – In Collusion

FLASHPOINT – Flash Frontier

Heartworm (letterpress print by Makyla Curtis), in He Whakaritenga Hou – A New Setting exhibition at MOTAT

How to build everything you hoped for, in Impossible Instructions: a collaboration between writers & artists (chapbook), Gigantic Sequins

in translation

Punctum Magazine – Būtnes ar sejām translated by Anastasija Mežecka


Zoë reads Yolk Folk on Plains FM’s Bookenz programme [from 22:32]

flash film



People in our Pages: Zoë Meager, with Sam Averis, in Flash Frontier, July 2018

Extras: Interview with Zoë Meager, by Allan Drew, in Headland, September 2016

In Conversation: Zoë Meager, in Granta, May 2013




"The fish when he held it high spun there in its glimmering grey skin, each clear eye taking turns to look, look at him." — from First fish



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